Application Development, UX/UI, Digital Animation

The grass is always sweeter.

An amazing company and team to work with, Supplant’s mission is to provide sustainable, nutritious food for all. They derive sugars from plant fiber and use it to make delicious snacks - with a whole range of tasty chocolate bars and shortbreads (they have vegan snacks too!).

Sugars, spice and everything nice.

We created the stunning frontend in NextJS, powered by a bespoke CMS with reusable components that could be used throughout the site, including the blog posts. We also utilised Shopify’s GraphQL API to power the headless eCommerce module, integrating Supplant’s CRM system throughout the entire process. And for the final touch, everything was deployed via Kubernetes to the Google Cloud Platform.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and have since established a strong working relationship with Supplant in which we continue to support their growth, whatever comes their way.

We partnered with Motion12 to create and deliver our new site. As well as the great work on the site design the real upside is the team at M12 feel like genuine partners looking to put the work in to optimise and improve the overall customer experience and feel like a real extension of our team. Thanks M12!
Joe Spence, Head of Marketing