Verv Life

Application Development, UX/UI, Digital Animation
Verv Life

Keeping things consciously simple.

Verv Life is a BTR (build-to-rent) operating and consultancy partner that strives to improve the wellness, health and happiness of their residents - as well as enhancing the value of their client’s investments. We were tasked with integrating the visual assets of the brand into a functioning website that would showcase the business and its services.

With you through the milestones.

We used dynamic animation to guide the user through the website and give it a contemporary feel. The cream in the colour palette was used throughout the site as a way to evoke a sense of warmth and ‘the home’ - reinforcing Verv Life’s focus on the well-being of their residents.

The iconography was a key visual component that tied everything together. The shapes and animations were given ‘fluid’ movements that would embody feelings of calm and comfort.

M12 has always put together great looking sites with a high production value and good UX for my web development briefs over the last few years, across a range of sectors. Sam and the team are easy to work with and their client service is responsive and aware, in a day where that’s sadly a dying art.
Brent Stojanovic, Verv life